Ten Exercises for Authors - Premium Version

Kung Fu for authors - learn to write better through exercises to make you think differently | taught by Harry Dewulf

Course description

Welcome to the premium version!

This version includes all elements of the Standard Version (that you can find here, for $45) but also:

You can complete your exercises online, and I will provide you with personalized feedback, commentary and suggestions.

In this course you will learn over a dozen repeatable exercises that will teach you something new not only about writing in general, but about your own writing, every time you repeat them.

You'll learn not only through exercises, but why exercises are effective, and what they are really for. You'

Almost all the exercises integrate multiple writing techniques, but more importantly, integrate imaginative and linguistic techniques in exactly the way that great authors write:

  • description and emotion
  • action and description
  • action and emotion
  • dialog and description
  • show, tell and feel
  • author perception and reader perception

You don't learn creativity by rote-learning formulas and methodologies. Creative process isn't a process.

You're an author, or you want to become one, and you know that writing is partly about applying techniques, but mostly it's about producing a coherent whole. Mostly, it's about bringing together everything at once.

Harry Dewulf
Harry Dewulf
Creative Writing teacher, editor and author mentor

I've spent the last 9 years working with authors to get their books ready for publication, and then getting them published in the new e-book/e-reader/print-on-demand market. Some of my authors have gone on to get publishing contracts, and others are both traditionally and self published, including multi-award-winner Kary English.

My regular clients rely on me to understand and stimulate their creative process. We work together from development of the first story idea , through the drafting, redrafting and editing, right up to packaging and book launch; or they call me in at whatever stage they need me.

Course Curriculum

WKF 10: Limits of Perception
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